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Don’t Spy Your Giant Stepmom SFX

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Don’t Spy Your Giant Stepmom SFX
Running Time:
27 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, unaware, barefoot, crush, butt crush, breast crush, panty entrapment, hand crush, stepmom
Description :    

Gorgeous Giant Stepmom

I am in favour of my stepmom Loryelle. She has big boobs, a nice ass, long legs and beautiful blond hair. My dream is to watch her unnoticed and take some sexy pics of her.

One day I throw a Party to celebrate my newest invention: a shrink ray. All my friends are invited. We drink a lot and have fun. As I tell them about my dream, one of them has a great idea. We could shrink ourselves down to a size of 2 or 3 inches and crawl through the keyhole into Loryelle’s flat.

One day later we all get as tiny dwarfs into my stepmoms apartment. Only one of us missed the chance and has to watch our adventure from outside through the keyhole. We drop in unnoticed and observe my sexy giant stepmom. Some of us climb onto the table, while the others run to her chair to watch her as close as possible.

Giantess Loryelle only wears her red lingerie and a long black open kimono. I take some pics and we all are very excited about our trip.

Terrorized by my Giant Stepmom

Suddenly Loryelle stands up and crushes two of my friends with her gigantic high heels. We all fall in panic and scream. That was fatal. My stepmom, who is a giantess compared to us little guys discovers us.

First we think she only wants to tease us, when she removes her kimono and shows us her gigantic body in her sexy lingerie. But after a short while we must notice, that she is very mean and she gets hot when she crushes and squishes tiny men like us.

I must watch all my friend getting crushed or squished by my giant stepmoms titanic butt, gigantic boobs, mountainous hands or high heels. As if that weren’t cruel enough, Loryelle forces me to take pics of that massacre.

Finally I’m the only one who is left. First I think she crushes me with her big booty. But I was wrong. She catches me with her long fingernails and traps me in her panty. I find my end close to my stepmoms wet pussy as she masturbates…

You don’t want to miss this clip, if you enjoy:
  • butt crushes
  • high heels crushes
  • hand crushes
  • breast crushes
  • panty entrapment from many different angles
  • pov-shots
  • masturbation and ass worshipping
  • size of tinies approx. 2 – 3 inches

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