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Heat - chapter IV

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Heat - chapter IV
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, foot worship, feet, wrinkled soles, toes, toenails, tiny man, shrinking, femdom giantess, hand-held, finger-held, 3d rendering, comics
Description :     Ryan smith always told other that when life brings an unwanted situation, one must do whatever it takes to change it, and if he can't do anything about it, he might as well accept it completely. that's exactly what he's feeling at the moment, being shrunk down to a mere less-than-an-inch tall by the beautiful hands of his former pupil, Stephanie.

He decide to give in, not just to her will, but partially - to his own. after all, being completely enslaved to a gorgeous, young lady was one of his deepest fantasies. his real life were a mess, anyways, so he tries to embrace the moment and worship his new goddess, pushing aside the dark and foreboding thoughts about his predicament and his real life. he finds himself experiencing one of the hottest foot-worship sessions ever, and all seem to work well...

At least for a while.

The tale of Ryan smith and Stephanie Vorhees continues and deepen in this Shrinking fantasy Epic.

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