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Tempted - I'm Down here! SFX

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Tempted - I'm Down here! SFX
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess Special FX, Soles, feet, Crush, Foot worship, Hand Held, mistress tempted, jason ninja, giantess fx, special fx, soles, toes, latina
Description :     "I'm down here!" the tiny screams at the tip of his lungs whilst perched on top of a phone very close to the giantesses foot. Tempted can kind of hear the squeaky voice but doesn't know where it is coming from at first. Soon she see's the tiny near her foot. she picks him up and examines his tiny frame. She realizes it is a foot perve she knows and puts him back on the floor. She demands he worship her heels and ankles. Then she decides to press him under her giant heels and see how long he can go before he needs air. The tiny yells and screams insults but can't do a thing but take his giantesses sole on him. She eventually tires of him and squishes him out under her massive foot!

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