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A Maids Revenge

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A Maids Revenge
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: skye blue, giantess, giant woman, boss, employee, maid fetish, shrinking fetish, humiliation
Description :     Skye has been mistreated by you for the last time. Skye admits to you as you stand on the counter shrunken down, that she put something in your food the night before. Skye wonders what she can do to you first, she suggests putting you in the oven for dinner. Skye feels like that might not be the appropriate way to finish you. She thinks it would be gratifying to cut your head off with a knife. Skye has so many decisions on how to torture you, and there is no way to reverse whats been done. Skye hopes you get used to it. Skye puts her shoe against you and laughs at the fact that her shoe is bigger then you. Skye laughs that she doesn't have to hear your snarky remarks anymore. She thinks its nice that she wont have to hear you constantly complain. The irony of all the things you have put her through and now she can put you through so much more. You are tiny and defenseless. You're Skye's play thing now not the other way around. Skye is getting a kick out of mocking you. Since you hated Skye's toast so much, she figures maybe you will make a better toast.

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