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Trapped, Hot and Bothered VR360 4K

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Trapped, Hot and Bothered VR360 4K
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: nchantress sahrye, giantess, goddess, giant women, shrinking fetish, ass fetish, ass, bra and panties, mouth fetish, foot worship
Description :     Sahrye sees you sitting in the lamp as she is laying on her bed, but then she sees you. Sahrye thinks that you are just for her. Sahrye calls you her little toy, she picks you up and brings you to the bed with her. She sees that you are looking at her belly button so she put you there. Sahrye picks you back up and begins giving you little kisses. Sahrye then asks if she can taste you. And she does. Sahrye then places you on the bed and then puts her foot over you seeing the slightest hint that you could be afraid of getting smashed. Sahyre plays on that fear for a moment. Sahrye wants you to go where no one else has gone before. But she doesnt mean in her panties. Sahrye begins to tell you that you are nothing and that she could drop you right into her mouth and eat you up. Sahrye tells you that you would only be so lucky to have your body parts go through her and come out on the other end. She tells you she isnt that kind of goddess though. You are her little toy and that's why she keeps you around.

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