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Your Promotion

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Your Promotion
Running Time:
14 minutes

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Tags: Keywords: misty lovelace, giantess, giant woman, shrinking fetish, shrunken down, employee, coworker, verbal humiliation, foot smother, humiliation
Description :     Misty greets you. You are now her shrunken down coworker. Misty complains about how you were such an asshole to work with you always got there late and expected her to do your work. Well see that's why she got the promotion and well you see, this is your promotion. You get what you give which is pretty little. So as you're shrunken down and so small compared to Misty she takes the time to tell you how much you sucked as a coworker. Misty puts her feet in your face and her ass in your face almost crushing you if she wasn't being careful. Misty picks you up just to laugh in your face. She doesn't know how she wants to take you out. Until she realizes the first place you came was her foot. Say goodbye.

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