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The Climb of your life

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The Climb of your life
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: Unaware, SFX, Cali Logan, Body Exploration
Description :     I was thinking a simple unaware fx video where cali is outside on a lawn chair reading a book or something and she is wearing birkenstock sandals, capri pants and a tank top. The shrunken man starts by climbing up her foot, then proceeds all the way up to her abdomen before she suddenly stands up and walks inside, and he has to balance on her waistband. (Some of Calis midriff is exposed). She then walks inside and gets a phone call, prompting her to stand in one spot and allowing the shrunken man to climb up to her shoulder. Cali then hangs up and sits down on a chair, and the man climbs up her neck and enters her ear. He calls her name, Cali hears him, tilts her head, catches the man as he falls out and holds him in the palm of her hand. She thinks he is cute and teased him a little bit ultimately decides to keep him.

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