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Karly in Princess Of Giants

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Karly in Princess Of Giants
Running Time:
30 Minutes

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Tags: pov, giantess, feet, crush,
Description :     The giantess is the princess of giants and one day she just want to have some fun with little people so she invites the king(wish) of small people to her place. When she showed up she watched all those pathetic things from above. She step the place around the king and the guards were trying to fight her. She just stepped on some guards and twist her ankle. She is not happy these little people challenging her so she picks the king up and waving in front of the guards and put him inside her panty just to show their king is only a toy to her. Then she takes her shoes off, and start to tease little people by her toes, then crush them with it. One little man try to run she crushed him by one step just to show how helpless these people are. The she crushed some people by her finger like ants, squashed them between her finger, dropping them from her height and finish them with her feet. Then there are only royal family left, she took the princess and compare and humiliate her with her nipple, ass and toes and tells her what a true woman is about. Then she takes the king out of her panty and place him on floor and hold his son and daughter by each hand and tells him to pick one. She keeps mocking them and pretending to use her finger to end their lives. the king pick his son and she put his daughter in her mouth plays her then swallow her. Then she put his son into her shoe and wear it and claim if his son hide between her toes he will live then crush the king. - This has no FX, Just some low background music, and Reverb for her voice

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