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Heat - chapter III

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Heat - chapter III
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, socks, dirty socks, in-shoe, 3d comics, teasing, feet, stinky socks, shrinking, giantess
Description :     The tale of Ryan smith continues, as his mysterious ex-pupil - the alluring and yet disturbing Stephanie - decide to sneak him out of the health club...inside her shoe!

Surviving the dark, sweaty journey, Ryan finds himself in Stephanie's house, all alone with the beautiful, young lady. being completely at her mercy, he is fighting an inner battle; a part of him is terrified at the sudden, drastic ordeal he's going through, and keeps dwelling on the fear of the unknown. a different, more primal part, though, wish to simply succumb to the strange emotions he's starting to feel toward Stephanie, which stands on the same track with his deepest sexual desires.

chapter III continues right where we left on chapter II, and contains In-shoe, socks worship/dirty socks, tease and denial and more story development.

111 images, 2500*2500!

Thank you for your support, and cya on chapter III! :)

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