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Giantess Loryelle’s City Rampage No.1 SFX

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Giantess Loryelle’s City Rampage No.1 SFX
Running Time:
32 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, aware, mean giantess, crush, city, rampage
Description :    

Giantess City Rampage

“Honey, don’t complain when I look at other girls…” a sentence that can break up relationships. If your girfriend is a giantess, it can also break a lot of bones, cars, buildings, famous monuments and other stuff. ;-)

My first Giantess in the City Movie

While you already enjoyed watching me crushing micro cities in the past, in this epic movie I outgrow myself from an avarage 5’10” woman to a skyscraper sized goddess.

First I get rid of my wannabe macho lover by squashing him in my hand. Then I find out that squashing people makes me even more powerful and let me grow taller and taller. Time to rampage through a city, terrorize some puny humans just for fun! Screaming people in the cars and on the streets. That’s just perfect to vent some anger and grow even taller.

The list of destruction is long and I put a lot of variety in it. While you watch this movie you may enjoy

  • many barefoot crushes of people and cars
  • toe crush
  • panty entrapment
  • vore scenes: tiny man, ship, car including couple
  • hand crush
  • finger crush
  • butt crushes
  • exciting pov shots
  • bursting houses and debris
  • tons of video and audio effects
  • months of work resulting in this epic giantess movie.

If you have a giantess fetish you don’t want to miss this. Get it now!

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