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Brandy in Tasty Dominance

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Brandy in Tasty Dominance
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: Vore, Feet, pov, Brandy
Description :     I was wanting it to be a gentle giantess, POV clip and for it to star Brandy. I was wanting it to be about a girl who wants to shrink her boyfriend in a world where gender roles are reversed so she acts more masculine. I was hoping it could go something like this. At first The girl is trying to convince her boy to massage her feet. He doesn't want to but shes really persistent and assertive. She eventually convinces him to and she relaxes drinking wine as he does. She thinks he seems really cute being forced to massage her feet. She drunkenly decides to shrink him and start toying with him. She forces him to massage, lick and kiss her feet. She laughs at him seeing him submitting while being so powerless. She tells him that she shrinks boys all the time and dominates them usually killing them. She pours a bowl of tiny men out of a jar and east them while continuing to drink as she has him worship her feet. Once shes done eating them she picks him up and kiss him. She tells him how cute he is than ask him whether he's scared of her now. She starts making out with him but than tells him that since shes met him she has wanted to eat him. She starts tasting him despite his struggles. She's tell him that he's different than the other men and that she will protect him because he belongs to her completely. She puts him in her lap and tells him she loves him than pets him until he falls asleep. I was wanting it to be about 20 minutes long but I'm not sure if ya'll can fit all that in there in that time so just let me know. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you so much!!

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