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Brandy in Handle with care.

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Brandy in Handle with care.
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: hands, pov, sfx, Brandy
Description :     Hi can I have a handheld clip features Brandy . Make it have SFX and POV and Doll scenes . Just handheld nothing else . The plot is very simple : A evil business woman shrinks people down and has a collection of victims . She grabs them in her hand and kills them one by one in her bare fists . .........There are some requests I want to say . About the scene . Please make some third person angles behind the girl when she is holding the tiny man like you did in the clip " Bad Brandy " and " She has the world in her hands " . Also about the size of the tiny men .Please don't make them too small when you are doing your SFX scenes. The perfect size for me would be the size from " Muggers nightmare 8 " Please switch between POV and SFX and Doll angles

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