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Honey I shrunk myself

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Honey I shrunk myself
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Tags: Unaware, SFX, Shoes, Booms, Shakes, Crush, pov, Misty Lovelace
Description :     This clip is a kind of parody to ‘Honey we shrunk ourselves/Honey I shrunk the kids’ with a shrunken Wayne trying to get Misty's attention. Misty is dressed as someone who works in an office with high heel pumps The clip starts with his Wife approaching. Misty enters and sees that the shrinking device her husband has been working on is active. Wayne looks up at his giant looking wife who nearly crushes him with her high heel pumps. (SFX shot of tiny man running away from Misty's heel as she walks over him unaware, Misty's voice echoes from Wayne’s POV) He screams for help, but she cannot hear him. Misty paces around the room as she attempts to call her husband with her cell phone. Meanwhile tiny Wayne continues to try and get her attention but fails. (POV and SFX shots of Wayne running around Misty's feet) Misty gives up trying to call him and, in a frustration, throws the shrink ray to the ground, essentially breaking it. As she prepares to leave, she spots tiny Wayne on the floor but does not think it is her husband. Instead she thinks it is a test subject who Wayne has shrunk accidentally. Misty feels she must get rid of the evidence to protect her husband from the authorities, so she chases tiny Wayne around the room in a bid to squash him. Despite a final attempt to convince Misty not to squash him, she simply slams her foot down killing him instantly. (Misty gets great satisfaction in squashing tiny things under her feet) She picks up the dead tiny Wayne and throws him in the trash. Misty then leaves the room as she prepares to go and find her husband again, so he can pick up the kids.

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