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Monica Jade Magic Shoe Growth

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Monica Jade Magic Shoe Growth
Running Time:
10 min

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Tags: growth, clothes destruction, Monica Jade, Giantess
Description :     hey their i would love to have a custom done by you! i want Monica Jade in a giantess growth video. Growing curse it starts out after a long day out and about she comes home, takes off her black slippers *camera pans to floor showing her take them off showing her socks* and goes for a nice drink to help her relax. what she dos not know is that this drink wants to do several things to her body ;) when she sits down she dose not know that he slippers magically come back on her *camera pans to floor again as she scratches her legs with her slippers* she then looks down in shock to see they are back on her and trys to take them off but soon realizes they are stuck on her! she then feels really funny and tingly then she feels her feet growing! her slippers feel tight as she watches in horror as her feet grow bigger and bigger! the backs of her heels itch out the back of her slippers very slowly. they soon pop out as they are too big! her toes wiggle and squirm uncontrollably with in her socks as she watches in horror! she then feels another sensation she feels her shirt get tighter and tighter! her boobs are growing! She begs for this to stop but the more she begs to stop the bigger she gets! her toes start to itch out of the socks very slowly and eventually burst out! from top too bottom! she stands up and and watches in horror her shirt busting off as her boobs grow bigger and bigger with camera pans on her shoulders as her bra straps stretch and slowly burst off* she then feels her ass getting huge! her pants stretch and tighten till then slowly burst off from her waist down to her toes! she is scared of her new giant size and wishes this never happens again as she continues to be scared her panties stretch across her crotch nice and tight till its off!

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