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Cadence Rough Audition

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Cadence Rough Audition
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Tags: pov, giantess, handheld, feet, booty, erotic, boobs, belly,
Description :     I would like to do a 10 minute clip where you are yourself doing a trial run for a pov request. You start rehearsing for the pov but when the model snaps her fingers, you ACTUALLY start to shrink. Alarmed at first the model asks if you should stop. Thinking you're just losing it, you continue rehearsing letting her knock the camera around with her boobs. When she snaps again you shrink again to her belly. Still alarmed but not wanting to waste the models time, you decide to take advantage of the situation and ask the model to let you worship her body and appreciate how hot she is and thank her for all her hard work. The model is flattered and since you are a great boss happily agrees and let's you worship her bellybutton. Then you ask her to shrink you to her ass, and tease you with it. She lets you put your face in it and shoves and holds the camera in her ass and shakes, twerks, and bounces and jiggles her cheeks on it. Then, you ask her to shrink you to her feet and put them in your face and worship them. When you get to her feet she sits down for you to get a good look. You ask her to peddle her feet in your face and scrunch her toes and let you worship them. Still sitting you ask her to let you explore her body. Again she agrees, and you kiss her body from her feet to her legs to her belly to her boobs to her neck. Then she puts you down and rolls over on her stomach and you kiss her feet legs and ass. Your final request is to use you as an anal sex toy. She agrees. After you're both pleasured, you both thank each other, and decide to go to a doctor to get you back to normal size. She gives you a big kiss then safely tucks the camera in her ass. Please let the camera roll for a few seconds between her ass cheeks as she walks away before ending the pov.

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