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Heat - chapter II

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Heat - chapter II
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, feet, foot worship, foot seduction, tease & denial, hand-held, 3D animation, comic
Description :     For ryan smith, What started as a casual visit at the health club to swim and clear his troubled mind, turned into a dream-like scene as a gorgeous, young lady decides to seduce him with what he crave for the most.

and what started as a dream, turned into a nightmare.

chapter II continues right where we left on chapter I, and contains more foot-fetish scenes, extreme sexual teasing (including blowjob/cock licking), a toe-job, more shrinking, in-panties entrapment, and more 131 images, 2500*2500!

Thank you for your support, and cya on chapter III! :)

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