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Dakota Charms Destroys Two Nerds From School

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Dakota Charms Destroys Two Nerds From School
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: booty, shoe, tickling, booming footsteps, camera shakes, Dakota
Description :     The nerve of some people! These two nerds from Dakota's class were supposed to get her an A on their group project. Instead, she got an A minus. Well, that just won't do. Shrunken down and completely at her mercy now the two guys find themselves shoved in one of her sneakers and stuffed between her butt cheeks respectively. Everything is going okay until the nerd in her shoe starts tickling her! That's just before Dakota goes out for cheerleading practice! Skipping that, Dakota gets home later on and finds the guy in her shoe so pulverized she can't even find him. Meanwhile the one in her butt cheeks is still alive, but she ends up sitting on him anyway to finish him off. But where did he go? Oh, he's just smashed on one of her cheeks! A story driven adventure that takes place entirely at Dakota's place. Join us for our first video featuring an amazing professional fetish model that has also been featured before on Giantess Zone! Lots of booming footsteps and camera shakes as well!

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