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Consuming Reginas Obsessive Fan SFX

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Consuming Reginas Obsessive Fan SFX
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: vore, sfx, mouth, eaten, shrunken, cereal
Description :     Mathieu is an obsessive fan of Regina's. He's been contacting her daily for a long time now. Finally when he shows up at her house, she's had enough. Shrinking him down she considers stepping on him, but then another, much more devious idea comes to mind. Regina decides to put him in her cereal and have him for breakfast! Watch as her tiny obsessed fan struggles around in the huge bowl of milk as Regina eats up the cereal around him. Then, he's caught up too and ends up on her tongue! All of this includes awesome SFX scenes that are tracked by hand for the best results. Get ready to celebrate our 12th anniversary today and remember why we've been around for so long. Lots of effects included and even a short CGI throat scene as Regina's tiny pest is swallowed down! You'll definitely want to add this one to your collection!

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