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Willingly Eaten By Your Friend Melle POV

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Willingly Eaten By Your Friend Melle POV
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: vore, burps, burping, belches, eaten, swallowed,
Description :     Professional burp girl Melle joins us for some vore action in this willingly eaten video! Some of her trademark belches are at the end, but her sensual performance throughout will leave you tingling. Not only that, get ready for the latest evolution of our swallowed, throat FX POV scenes! All that in this fun story about being shrunken down by your friend who is just trying to appease your fetish to be nice to you. It's playful, so well acted, and downright sexy! Melle is one of the latest pro models to join Canadian Giantess and we're proud to announce her addition as we get closer to our 12th year anniversary!

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