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Unaware Of Whats Inside Melles Shoe POV

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Unaware Of Whats Inside Melles Shoe POV
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: in shoe, unaware, feet
Description :     Introducing Melle, a friend Lilly introduced us to who is absolutely fantastic! You're tiny sized down at her feet but she doesn't notice you at all. As she moves one of her gigantic feet toward you, it's time to run! Having nowhere else to go, you dive into her shoe. Unfortunately Melle saw... something. Is there something in her shoe? She's not sure. You're helplessly trapped and have no hope other than being discovered. But Melle doesn't find you. It's too dark in her shoe and she can't see anything in there. She sure feels something though. In the end, she feels whatever it was squish, but she never knows it was a poor shrunken person. I'm sure you'll fall in love with Melle. Her slow and sensual movements are absolutely thrilling. She's also very clearly a professional model through and through.

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