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Giantess Loryelle’s Tasty Date SFX

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Giantess Loryelle’s Tasty Date SFX
Running Time:
22 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, vore, crush
Description :    

College Foe Revenge

It’s so hard to find volunteers for my newly developed shrink ray. So I decide to invite an old college foe of mine for a date. Peter is so curious, that he really appears to our meeting. Back in the days he stole my science research results and put his name on it. Now it’s time for revenge. At his first stupid comment I shrink him down to a few inches.

I grab him with my giant hand and put him on the table, to play some mean games with him. So he has to outrun my giant hand hovering above him several times. He tries to hide and runs away, but he’s to small to get off the table.

I put my high heel sandaled feet on the table and command Peter to climb and worship them. Then I put my shoes off, which I have worn all day, so he’s up close to my giant sweaty feet. The poor tiny guy has to climb my huge sole up to the toes. My feet are a bit slippery because of the sweat and I don’t want my tiny foe to fall off again and probably break his neck. I don’t want to end it all too soon, as I enjoy his new size so much.

So I have another great idea. I put a tiny fire truck on the table, which I have bought for my nephew. It has a mounted ladder, so tiny Peter has to climb it all the way up to my dirty, smelly toes and clean them in a decent way.

After that he has to balance my long legs until I catch him and smother him between my huge breasts.

I’m very hungry and I wonder how a shrunken guy tastes like. So I put him on my roll and try to eat him, but this litte idiot jumps off the roll and lands right in my cup of coffee.

He obviously has a thing for feet, as he still walks towards them after climbing out of the cup. So yes, it looks like he prefers to get squished by my huge feet. I tease him a bit with my feet, as it is fun. But then I decide that I’m not here to do him a favor.

Giantess Snack

I put him back on my roll. He’s nothing more than a little snack for a giantess. The tiny guy struggles in fear, but finally he lands in my mouth, where I want him. I play a bit with him using my tongue and push him between my teeth. I enjoy that.

Finally I bite him in two pieces and enjoy my little snack.

This clip contains a lot of foot close-ups and an long, exciting vore scenes with mixed POV and SFX shots at the end. It is probably the best vore scene I did so far. You will also enjoy the several hand crush/smother/grabbing scenes, my beige high heels and the clevage breast smother.

You really shouldn’t miss this clip, if you enjoy giantess foot worshipping, hands and vore.

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