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Keri in Tribal relations

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Keri in Tribal relations
Running Time:
25 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, feet, shoes, booms, shakes, slow motion, crush, sound FX, hand held, hand crush, feet crush
Description :     Keri belongs to a giant tribe that they Exterminate ant-size tribes for fun. The ant-size tribes sent their prince to marry Keri for peace. The prince comes with a squad of guards. Keri doesn't like these little men and thinks they are just bugs, but she pretends to welcome them until they are right under her heels between her giant legs. POV shots: Keri says welcome to my home bugs and picks the prince up and drop him into her panty. The guards try to fight but they can't hit Keri's toe. Keri says let's make it fair then she takes her feet out of her heels. POV shots from Keri's view: she Exterminated some guards with her toes and fingertips like squishing ants. Then she picks them up, crush between her fingers, put one in a cup and drown him in her saliva, suffocate one in her armpit and just swallow them alive. Keri is very pleased by these Exterminations. She just put the rest in her shoe and wears them and prepared to leave. But the prince's fight in her panty is finally felt by Keri and Keri pick him up and hold him to her mouth, between her toes and armpit and says I use these parts to Exterminate your people and it felt great. Then Keri says a bug is not worth to stay at the front of her panties, so she put the prince in her ass and leave her house.

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