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Sahrye in Smelly Revenge

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Sahrye in Smelly Revenge
Running Time:
20 minutes

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Tags: pov, booty, farts, sahrye, hand-held, doll, revenge
Description :     Custom Request The video will start off right as Sahrye gets home from her yoga class. She is wearing a tight shirt and jeans. She has a noticeable bulge in the back of her pants. Make a POV shot of Sahrye butt as she walks in and sighs as she talks about how long of a day it's been and how she desperately needs to get these sweaty pants off. Stop POV. You can hear muffled screaming coming from her butt. Make a POV shot from Sahrye perspective showing Lydia pulling the back of her pants away revealing Katie, the barbie doll, stuck between her buttcheeks. Sahrye laughs and takes Katie out and holds her up to her face. Stop POV. She says, "Did you enjoy yourself in there my little slave bitch? No? Well that's too bad!" Sahrye sets Katie on couch. Katie's POV - Sahrye stands over her and talks to her about how she shrunk her down because Katie kicked Sahrye out of her yoga class because Sahrye smelled so bad when she did her yoga, and it made the other students uncomfortable, causing her to lose business. Katie is the instructor of the yoga class. Sahrye tells Katie she doesn't take shit from anyone, and can shrink whoever she wants at will using her powers and do whatever she wants with them. She says there's no escape, and to forget her old life because she doesn't exist to the outside world anymore. "Your only purpose now is pleasing me, your goddess, in the stinkiest ways imaginable. The best part is that you can't die, no matter how badly you want to, the spell won't allow it. You'll be suffering with me forever!"

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