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Heat - chapter I

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Heat - chapter I
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, feet, foot worship, foot seduction, tease & denial, hand-held, 3D animation, comic
Description :     40 years old Ryan smith, a literature teacher that goes through divorce, is doing his best to keep both his body and mind in good shape despite the turmoil in his life.

it's the 4th of July's evening, and while everybody else is getting ready to celebrate, Ryan is going for his daily therapy: swimming and Sauna. the health club is almost empty. beside him, only the receptionist, the lifeguard, and an old couple are there.

at least, That's what he thought when he first arrived.

there is another person in vast interior of the health club. she reveals herself while Ryan is already swimming, and jumps into the pool right next to him. her head is covered with a swimming cap and swimming glasses, but it's easy to see that she is a very attractive, and very young, lady. as they swim past each other, Ryan can't help but glancing at her pretty, young, wrinkled soles...which gets him out of the pool faster then he thought, as he started to get a boner and was afraid it will go out of control.

he makes his way to the Sauna, for the final stage of relaxation on his daily ritual.

a few moments later, the door opens and the young girl Joins him...


that's the Intro to "Heat" - my next Epic shrinking tale. it's the highest quality rendered story I've created so far, and I believe every foot/shrinking fan that likes my style of work will enjoy it, big time!

includes, but not just: foot fetish, extreme foot seduction & worship, shrinking, hand-held.

138 images, 2500*2500 resolution.

Thank you for your support, and cya on chapter II! :)

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