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Shrunk and Jerk Off Instruction VR-360

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Shrunk and Jerk Off Instruction VR-360
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, VR-360, 4K, Hand held, feet, Booty, JOI, cleavage, Kissing, Gentle
Description :     You came back to visit Jae Lynn for a session but this time she has a surprise for you she actually shrinks you and starts by taking control then giving you a tour of her sexy body then she puts you on floor and you see her Giantess Feet. ashe talks a lot about how she controls you and that gets you excited and she points out how your cock is getting really hard and she commands you to jerk off in front of her with your tiny cock and she touches herself watching you play with yourself. you are simply her entertainment. She then puts you by hert crotch and you continue to stroke then she puts you near her booty, As it looms over you and she gives you a booty show and shakes it for you then she puts you against her ass and smother you. Then she puts you by her cleavage and into her bra. Then you at her feet again and she is counting down to 10 for you to finish jerking off. Finally you come all over her and she thanks you for it. She kisses you and she invites you back to be hers again. She is controlling and nice as long as you obey. She finally leaves you on the floor used up and empty and hopefully you can recover for next time.

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