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Size Dimension: London Crushing - Ep.5 Season 1

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Size Dimension: London Crushing - Ep.5 Season 1
Running Time:
14 minutes

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Tags: chloe lovette, size dimension, london crushing, stomping, shrinking fetish, toes, barefoot, shoe crush, british, england, london, feet, soles, butt crush
Description :     Reports have come in that the Xanthians have started turning up in Europe. A surveillance chopper has been sent to a part of London where there is high activity reported. One flat in particular owned by a young woman has picked up numerous Xanthians in the vicinity. She has returned home completely unaware of the tinies occupying her house. Chloe has heard a few stories about the little things popping up everywhere, but alas, she cares little for their welbeing. Many Xanthians will perish beneath her soles. Clip Features: Giantess, Crushing, ALL NEW SOUND FX & MUSIC, Boom Shakes, Feet, 2x Vore, 1x Butt crush, Foot crushing, British accent, POV, Special FX

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