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Keri finds her tiny friend Pt 2

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Keri finds her tiny friend Pt 2
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Tags: unaware, lips, eyes, hands, cleavage, booty, gentle, vore
Description :     he premise is pretty similar to the last one. We were friends in high school, not bff’s but our groups hung out together pretty often. Anyway, we graduated maybe a year or two ago, and unbeknownst to Keri I am a “shrinker.” I am one of the unfortunate 0.5% of people born after 1990 with a genetic defect causing them to shrink to half an inch tall when they reach adulthood. All shrinkers are assigned and delivered to a caretaker by the government, and I have been assigned to Keri. Despite being my “caretaker,” I have essentially no legal rights and am viewed by the state more as her pet than a person. Prior to the video, Keri received an email from the government stating that something important had been delivered to her dorm. She comes back and takes a quick look around but can’t see anything, and she rests her butt up against the table I’m standing on, the camera emphasizing the size difference between me and her ass. She then turns around and sees me on the table, and instantly realizes what has happened. From this point forward, I mentally divide the rest of the video into four segments: face, boob, butt, and Director’s Choice. The first three segments should naturally focus on those body parts, and for the last segment I’m cool with letting you take the reigns. Anyway, for the first segment of face, she lifts me up to her face after discovering me and says “You poor thing.” We only graduated a short time ago, so over the course of the video she tries to treat me like nothing changed, but due to a new evolutionary mechanism in young women she has trouble seeing a shrunken man as an equal, and so her brain will slip and she will end up teasing/handling me with her body and afterwards flippantly apologize with a giggle when she realizes she was humiliating me. Speaking of which, Keri’s overall tone should be similar to last time, unintentionally humiliating me, except more intense and more focused and how pitiful and pathetic my situation is. So after starting the face scene with a few lines she talks to me for a bit more in a style similar to the last video, and at the end of the face segment she talks about how we used to do Debate Team together and that she kept doing it in college, but that she figures that I can’t anymore. To explain, she says that if my opponent was a girl “she could just do this!” and drops me into her cleavage, beginning the boob segment. She explains that it would be easy for a female debater to hide me in her boobs and smother me to prevent me from speaking. After that, for the rest of the boob segment she expands upon how humiliating it must be to go from a successful student with a bright future in technology to a little pet who can be carried around in a college girl’s cleavage. At the end of the boob segment she plucks me out and says something like “woops sorry, forgot how embarrassing it must be to be naked in your friend’s cleavage haha.” She will then say something about how it’s hot and her back is getting sweaty. She’ll tell me to see for myself, and then place me in the back waistband of her leggings above her crack, starting the butt segment. She humiliates me more in the same manner as before, eventually repositioning me to be pinned by her leggings right on her buttcheeck. From there I can leave the rest of the video to your discretion, as long as it sticks with the overall tone.

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