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Naomi - a Small Extortion SFX

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Naomi - a Small Extortion SFX
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS, PANTYHOSE DOMINATION, FOOT DOMINATION, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, SHRINKING FETISH Keywords: naomi swann, jason ninja, feet, soles, toes, inside pantyhose
Description :     Jason is a wealthy businessman who has met a stunning young beauty at the bar. Upon coming home with her, she sneaks off into the bathroom to prepare a special shrinking powder while he thinks he's about to get lucky. Once she returns she surprises him by blowing it in his face! He slowly shrinks before her then her devious plan comes to life. She tells him he will have his accountant transfer his entire savings into her account or meet his end under her nyloned soles. Faced with the threat, he has no choice, however even once he does her deed, he finds himself trapped in her pantyhose under her sole!

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