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See What Its Like In A Womans Shoes POV

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See What Its Like In A Womans Shoes POV
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Tags: in shoe, shrunk, barefoot, feet, toes, inside shoe, shoes,
Description :     You've been shrunk! Unable to find a way to return yourself to normal size you start looking for help. Thankfully, you find Eclipse, a girl from your gym class. Unfortunately, she recognizes you and you're always making fun of girls for not being able to do stuff in class. So Eclipse decides to show you what it's like to be in her shoes... literally! She decides it would be fun to have you suffering inside of her shoe as she goes out for the day. You get to experience being under her toes for a bit while she contemplates where she will go. In the end you're left inside of her shoe, still alive and about to struggle to survive.

Lots of in shoe scenes in this one and more awesome action at Eclipse's feet! This one is sure to be a fan favorite! It even includes some music throughout!

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