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Amnesia - Chapter IV (final)

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Amnesia - Chapter IV (final)
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Tags: giantess, foot-fetish, toes, in-shoe, shrinking, pussy, femdom, horror, fingers
Description :     After taking a break from 3D, I'm back now, and finally managed to finish this tale. Being tormented by his beloved Girlfriend's friend, Katja, James the foot-freak fights for survival, as slowly the trickle of his lost memories shed light on a darkness so deep, It might have been better left alone. this is the final chapter of Amnesia. inside you'll see:

Beautifully rendered comic-style images, 2165*2165 in resolution.

Foot fetish

in-Shoe and between toes action


A slight touch of horror, as the theme goes darker

A touch of vore


more shrinking

The end! and it's worth the while! :-)

208 images long. sorry for the long wait, people, but I'm back now! expect more hot 3D creations coming soon <3.


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