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360 VR - Replacing Lynxs Pathetic Boyfriend POV

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360 VR - Replacing Lynxs Pathetic Boyfriend POV
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot,barefoot,soles,giant couple,shrunken,boyfriend,girlfriend,
Description :     Introducing Lynx in her first video with us! You've known your girlfriend Lynx has had a guy on the side for awhile, but you didn't want to do anything about it. Now, you're shrunken down between her feet, and between her and her new man! They laugh at you and consider what to do with you. Even at one point he briefly picks you up and holds you at Lynx's mouth, tempting her to eat you! But he thinks it would be more poetic with your foot fetish if her feet did you in. However, in the end he instead puts you into her sneakers so you can spend all summer with her sweaty feet!

There are a few slow motion scenes at the end so you can take your time to look around and a retelling of the ending where you get squished between her feet instead!

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