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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date FIVE – Tortured by my High Heels, Butt & Feet SFX

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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date FIVE – Tortured by my High Heels, Butt & Feet SFX
Running Time:
15 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, crush, in-shoe crush, butt crush,
Description :    

Evil Giantess tortures a shrunken man

After my earlier dates, I get impatient. I don’t want to make small talk to Brandon any longer, I want to make him my tiny pet, force him to worship my smelly giantess’ feet and feel him suffering under my titanic ass.

So I shrink him down to a few inches. The poor little pet gets butt smothered a few times under my huge ass. Then I make him worship my high heels.

After a while I drop my shoes off and let him massage my sweaty nylon feet. I remove the nylons and he shrinks down to the size of my big toe. He needs to pamper my bare feet, which are much taller than him and has to sniff, lick and massage them, using his weak little arms and his tiny tongue. He complains, that he don’t want to be my foot slave and how humiliating that is, but I don’t care, cause I love to humiliate tiny men.

I perform some more butt crushes. Mercyless I let my titanic ass come down on his tiny body again and again. After that torture, I’m surprised, that he’s still alive.

After some more foot worshipping, I finally I put him into one of my high heels and tell him, that this is his new home, if he manage to survive.

Find out, if tiny Brandon will live in my high heel forever or if he is to weak and gets in shoe crushed instantly by my huge feet.

Titanic ass and Foot worshipping

This Clip contains a lot of foot worshipping in high heels, nylons and barefoot. You will also love it, if you want to see a lot of butt crushes, with my mighty ass coming down right in your little face again and again. ;-)

The size of my tiny date varies between 6in and 2in, depending on his tasks.



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