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360 VR - A Hot Day At Eclipses Bare Feet POV

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360 VR - A Hot Day At Eclipses Bare Feet POV
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, footfetish, 360 VR, crush, soles, shrunken, shrinkingfetish,
Description :     Really this is sort of a gentle story... until Eclipse finds out who you are! Step into the role of Emily, a friend that Eclipse is waiting around for on a hot summers day. You've already been shrunken down and your absolutely titanic friend sits before you. She doesn't realize it's you though and just thinks you're a tiny girl. Eclipse is quite easy going and even tries to shield you from the hot sun under her massive feet. However, you learn along the way that she has a surprise in store for her friend when she arrives. It turns out she planned to shrink you herself! The surprise turns out that she squashes you between her feet! It was such a nice day until Eclipse realized you were her friend Emily all along. Includes two takes of the squish scene for you to enjoy! Otherwise it's a nice slow buildup to being safe under Eclipse's soles, until she picks you up and sees who you really are!

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