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Theres No Stopping Your Sister Eclipse

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Theres No Stopping Your Sister Eclipse
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: boots, barefoot, nylons, shrunken, bother, sister, siblings,
Description :     You stop your sister from going out to a club, only to be shrunken down by her and wishing you hadn't! Witness the booming footsteps of Eclipse as she paces back and forth in her boots. Then get to spend some time with her stocking clad feet and finally her soles. It gets worse when she humiliates you by making you massage her feet and kiss her toes! In the end though you're still safe... if you consider being trapped under her toes and being taken out to the club in her boots safe! The story wraps up as Eclipse is walking out the door with you trapped in there. Also includes a cool scene where she drops you down into her nylons as well!

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