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Keri finds her tiny friend

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Keri finds her tiny friend
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Tags: giantess, hand held, vore, cleavage, face close ups, mouth, tongue
Description :     Hi, I'd like to request a custom video. Here are my requests. I would like Keri to be my model. I want a tiny man toy to be used and for the camera to follow him closely. Here is the story: So essentially, the story is as follows: you and I were friends in high school, strictly platonic and not too close but we hung out a fair amount. Your name is Kelly. Anyway, after graduating we sort of lost contact despite your efforts to hit me up on facebook. Now a few years have passed, and you found out through a mutual friend the address of my apartment, and you decide to head over. This is where the video begins. You enter my apartment and I (one of those tiny man toys) am lying on a table or stand or something. You look around for me, and are shocked to see my shrunken body on the table. You heard that I had come down with the shrinking virus, but had grossly underestimated how much I had shrunk. One line I would like is “I thought you shrank by half an inch, not to half an inch.” At his point, you pluck up my tiny body between your index finger and thumb and bring me up to your beautiful blonde face. First, you hold me in front of your eyes, highlighting the vast difference in size between my body and even one of your eyes. Even if the tiny-man toy is not naked, you pretend that I am naked and comment about how it must be impossible to find clothes in my size with a giggle. You also suggest offhand that it might be embarrassing to be held naked between the fingers of your old female friend, but you figure that I must be used to it by now. You ask me some question, maybe what it’s like to be so tiny, the question doesn’t matter, but after asking you hold me up to your ear while brushing your hair aside to listen. You conclude that I’m too small to be audible and move me back to your face. Still, you decide that I would probably be more comfortable being held in front of your mouth rather than your giant eyes, so your lower me to where I am in front of your lush lips. You spend some time talking to me and reminiscing about high school while telling me about your new job as a writer, my tiny size emphasized by being held in front of your giant lips as you casually (yet softly) converse with me. As the video goes on you grow more casual about holding and moving me closer and closer toward your lips/mouth. Eventually, you accidentally start touching me against your lips and apologize for it after like the fourth time. Then you realize it might be fun to kiss me and do so, leaving my tiny body on your lips for a few seconds afterward. You then laugh and proceed to handle me and against your lips and inside your mouth for the rest of the video, until the very end where you walk off with me nestled between your boobs. Now for the dialogue, one important aspect is that you should act kind of innocent/oblivious. Like you have no idea why being held naked in front of a beautiful girl’s mouth would be humiliating or arousing. You should make comments which seem perfectly innocent to you but serve to belittle and embarrass me further, like “A boner? Really? You always picked weird times to get hard.” after feeling an erection when holding me between your fingers. Or saying “I used to think you were short but now I can hide you between my lips *giggle*.” In fact, I’d like it if at some point while talking to me you accidentally drop me between your boobs and comment on what a clutz you are. Then you’ll be intrigued by how small I am compared to your boobs.

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