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Invasion of the Bugmen SFX

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Invasion of the Bugmen SFX
Running Time:
33 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, unaware, sandals, butt crush, hand crush, vore, giantess butt,
Description :    

Unaware Micro People

Every summer billions of insects cover the earth. They are simply everywhere. A fly, a bug or any other worthless creature. As long as they live silently in the garden or die unnoticed beneath the soles of our feet, for being at the wrong time at the wrong place, we don’t care pretty much about them. If they get annoying, by flying around us, landing on our food or our skin, we don’t hesitate to kill them deliberately.

But the lives we wipe out so careless are in rare cases a part of an unknown micro civilization. Humans like us, just so much smaller than we are, that we mistake them for insects. They mostly hide in this dangerous world, as they are so small and weak. But sometimes they try to get our attention…

Watch me relaxing on the sunbed in my garden, while many micro people get crushed unnoticed beneath my giantess’ body in this wonderful summer clip.

Exploring the body of the Giantess

This clip has it all in: A lot of close-ups showing micro people at my huge bare feet. They crawl between my toes, on my soles and under my toenails, before they’re getting squished. Even a helicopter gets crushed between my toes. Some sandal/flipflop crushes are also shown. A lot of panty and butt worshipping and micro people dying at my crotch. A few vore scenes, body exploration, breastcrush, hand and finger crushes. Some POV shots.
Micro people are between 1/4 to 1/2 inches. Some micro cities and helicopters are also grinded into dust.


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