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Unaware Invasion

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Unaware Invasion
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: unaware, crush, vore, foot crush, Aliens, Jamie Daniels, SFX, Sound FX, Booms, Shakes
Description :     This was a custom with Jamie Daniels and she just woke up and makes a peanut and jelly sandwich and leaves and comes back with bikini and eats the sandwich and then goes to living room to take nap and awakes under alien control. sounds simple? Right? well you will follow the aliens story and things were not so simple for them as they tried to figure out how to get to her brain to take her over. They send multiple teams and most do not make it, They get crushed and eaten but finally they see a way through her nose and are able to drill into brain and take control. I use a lot of Sound FX and some booms and shakes and you hear alien talk but I put subtitles of the aliens so you can follow the their struggle to get control of the first of many humans they will control.

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