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The Experiments - Size Dimension - Ep.3

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The Experiments - Size Dimension - Ep.3
Running Time:
27 Min

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Tags: GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS, UNAWARE GIANTESS, CRUSH, VORE, MEDICAL FETISH Keywords: jenny jett, sahrye, luna, size dimension, feet, soles, pov, special fx, doctor, heels, nudity, forced stripping
Description :     The Experiments - Size Dimension - Ep.3 - Season 1 Starring Jenny Jett - Enchantress Sahrye - Domina Luna After observing the interactions for a few weeks of the Xanthians with Earthlings, The government has contracted the unethical Matheson Labs to run experiments on the Xanthians to find out what they are composed of. Matheson labs CEO Dr. Carrera calls upon her most trusted employee Dr. Jett to get a sample and analyze it. Dr. Jett excitedly takes on the task. Her first subject, a tiny Xanthian named Luna is at her mercy in the lab. Scared and not knowing what is going on, she is forced to strip for her giant doctor then prodded and poked. Is there a chance to escape this new hell she's in? Or will she succumb to an untimely at the feet of her doctor. Clip Features: Giantess SFX, Sound FX, Music, Aware crush, Unaware crush, 1x Vore, Gore, Hand held, Shoe crush, Barefoot crush, nudity, forced stripping .

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