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Sienna tiny slaves - SFX Epic

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Sienna tiny slaves - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, pov, micro, special effects, foot fetish, crush, ground shakes, butt crush, unaware, lightnings, fireballs
Description :     GODDESS SIENNA Gorgeous Sienna comes home after a long day, expecting her pathetic bunch of tiny slaves to get a very simple task done properly: cleaning her immense toe-ring. her steps booms like rolling thunders as she arrive, each one makes the world itself tremble and shake. she crushes a poor tiny man without even noticing him, before reaching to the toe-ring. when she finds out they failed even at this puny task, she gets furious! the tiny slaves will pay with their lives! some are being crushed under her massive sole, while others finds their doom beneath her enormous ass. at some point, a few brave tiny men with magical powers decide to fights back and throw fireballs at Sienna's huge toes! it only piss her off even more, as she dispatched them with bolts of lightnings. at the end, only one survivor is left. Sienna speaks to him in a degrading way in spanish, but decide to keep him as her eternal slave! Shrinking/GTS booming sounds/ground shakes Micro POV Crush (unaware, under shoe) crush (sole) crush (butt) foot fetish Special effects (fireballs, lightnings)

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