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Smelly Revenge

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Smelly Revenge
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: pov, booty, farts, Vivian, hand-held, doll, revenge
Description :     Custom Request Vivian arrives home with the shrunken woman in her purse/bag. Please don't make the shrunken doll too small, around 6 inches to 1 foot would be good. She's wearing her black corset outfit from many of her videos. She takes out the shrunken woman and holds her up to her face. POV - she talks about how she finally found her and shrunk her down to torture and she's so excited - STOP POV. The shrunken girl was Vivian's bully back in high school. Vivian sets her down and goes to get changed offscreen, telling her not to run off. POV - the shrunken girl begins to run off trying to hide. She runs all across the floor looking for somewhere to be unseen - STOP POV. As Vivian reappears, she is wearing just a black bra and thong now. Once she sees the shrunken girl has run off, she gets very angry and goes to look for her. POV - It doesn't take long to find her hiding under some piece of furniture, and Vivian smiles evilly as she grabs the shrunken girl and pulls her up to her face - STOP POV. She tells the shrunken girl she needs to be punished for trying to run. This is when she buttcrushes the doll. From a variety of angles (mostly back) and POV - from the doll's perspective - STOP POV. After some buttcrushing she talks about the Mexican food she's been eating and how it would give her so much satisfaction to fart all over the shrunken girl's face. And so she does. She grunts and sighs a lot here. This is where you can edit the fake fart sounds assuming they aren't real. After this Vivian picks up the doll and holds her up to her face one last time and says that they are going to go have some more fun. She smiles as she moves the doll around to her backside and proceeds to shove the shrunken girl in the back of her thong

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