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Punk Show Tiny Foot Slave

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Punk Show Tiny Foot Slave
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: Feet, pov, sfx, SHRINKING FX, POV, IN-SOCKS POV and IN-SHOE FX
Description :     Anais Jolie loves to torture her tiny foot slave by wearing them all day long in her shoes. And today she went to a punk rock show with her friend Katia and this little slave... in her shoe. She wants to show her how pathetic he is and torture him a little more. They both remove their stinky shoes and socks while you can see him picking his little nose because of the strong foot smell. They laugh at him and tell him they will crush him right now if he doesn't lick in between their toe to get their toe jam off. But Katia is having so much fun that she just want to keep him so she ask Anais if instead of crushing him she can borrow him for a few days. He is for some trouble.

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