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Lab rat VR 360

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Lab rat VR 360
Running Time:
18 minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Vivian, cage, feet, science, cleavage, vore tease, VR 360, 4K
Description :     Custom Request: A world class molecular scientist, you have dedicated your life to developing a way to manipulate matter. Finally you have done it, years of research has been molded into a ray for expanding and minimizing matter. Unfortunately, you have spent a small fortune in developing it, so much so that you are broke, sold your lab and no longer have enough to pay your assistant Vivian. Working out of your home, you convince her to test it with you as one last favour. The test subject is you. Vivian picks up the gun, points it at you and fires. It works! Almost instantaneously you shrink. Now you stand in a pile of your own clothes with Vivian standing over you. 360VR. Vivian walks over to the table and puts the shrink ray down. She then walks towards the pile of clothes excited to find you. She moves some of the clothes around, reaches in and lifts you out. She can’t believe it works she knows she is supposed to make you big again but she is having second thoughts. She could make a ton of money for herself with it. She carries you over to the table to run some tests. She then proceeds to run some tests on you like measuring you, squirting you with water and some stress tests by squeezing you in her hands, etc. Then she stands up kicks off her shoes and proceeds to take off her lab coat revealing her breasts and panties. She has always had a crush on you and now she has you right where she wants you and there is no where you can run. She grabs you in her hand and sits back down. She starts rubbing you over her body and against her crotch. She moans with pleasure as if the thought of a little person in her hands aroused her and this terrifies you...if she is so turned on, why would she ever make you big again? She moves you right next to her giant face, now it is your turn. You look at her massive lips and mouth. She moves you closer to her mouth as she sticks her tongue out. She licks you. Her wet tongue leaves you soaking. “Mmmmm,” she says, “you taste so good.” She then begins to treat you like she would your penis and insert you in and out of her mouth as if she was giving your entire body a blow job. She comments on how fucking good you taste. In fact she could just eat you up. She puts your whole body in her mouth and closes her lips, waits a few seconds and pulls you out. With a sinister grin on her face she lets you know she was just joking. She puts you down on the table and asks you to wait right here, she has a surprise for you, she will be right back. Camera Fades to black. While she is gone you see it as your perfect chance to escape. You have no clue what she has planned but you would much rather be a normal sized. You know you need to get help if you ever want to get big again. You climb down the table and make a run for it. She wasn’t gone long enough for you to get out, you have to hide and the only place you have close to you is in her shoe. 360VR. Camera Fades back in. You watch on as Vivian walks over to the table and drops a cage down, she notices you are gone. Her excitement turns to anger. She begins to stomp around looking for you. You watch on as she looks under the couch. She gets up and continues to stomp towards you, “where oh where did my little man go?” “Fe Fi Fo Fum, I am going to find you little one!” She walks over top of you and then back in front of you, turns around drops to her hands and knees, reaches over, picks up her shoe, “well lookie what I found.” She carries you over in her shoe and lays it on the table, she takes you out and puts you on the table. “You've ruined the mood you little shit. Maybe there is something else you can do to make me happy.” She straddles the table. You look at her crotch, terrified that it is your next hiding place. She begins to grind over top of you, throwing her crotch in your face and nearly crushing you under it. She then sits down on the couch and slams her feet down right in front of you, not concerned the slightest about crushing you. Her massive feet lay there waiting for your tiny hands to service them. “You owe me a foot rub for the stress you caused.” As you massage them, she gets comfortable, her feet sway back and forth. The odor is unbearable. While you work she thinks about what she can do with you next. Finally, she sits up and grabs the cage, it will ensure you never escape. You are going to make her a lot of money, just think what MY shrink ray will make or just imagine what someone will pay for a shrunken slave? She slides you into the cage and locks it, she then pokes her finger in and teases you a bit before picking it up and walking you to your new home on a shelf. The camera fades to black.

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