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Shrunk, sat on and put inside underwear

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Shrunk, sat on and put inside underwear
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: Doll, grinding, underwear, cage, hand held
Description :     I would like a non-fx video that uses a 4-5 inch male figure/doll. I would like to have Keri Spectrum wear Just Intimates Cotton Panties/Boyleg Underwear, they dont have to be exactly but the same kind of style, blue, green, or grey color, ill let the model choose) and a shirt plus a jean skirt. It would start with the model standing over the small doll, the giantess would say that they finally shrunk this guy and that they have had a crush on them for a long time. Then the giantess would take off her skirt and shirt and straddle the doll on the floor and would bounce on top of them, the head of the doll would be facing towards the crotch of the giantess. The giantess would say that they always wanted to sit on this guys face but now they get to sit on their whole body. The giantess will also grind on the guy. Then the giantess would pick up the guy and stuff him into the back of her underwear (no limbs will stick out of the panties, the guy will be inside fully, focus on the bulge in her underwear a bit) The giantess will then walk to a couch and sit down and would talk about how she has dreamed about this for the longest time. She would bounce up and down a few times laughing and talking about how much she is aroused. Next she will take him out of the back of her underwear and stuff him into the front and position the guy almost between her legs. She would then giggle and sit pretzel style on the couch and say that her underwear is his new home. She will then squeeze the guy in her underwear between her legs saying that it feels amazing. The giantess would then say she has to leave. She would take the guy out of her underwear and put on her shirt then her skirt. Then she would grab the guy and say that this will be the last time he sees the outside world and that her underwear will be his new home forever. She will lift up the front of her skirt and stuff him into the front of her underwear. Make sure he is fully in there and nothing is sticking out. Focus on the bulge in her underwear for a little bit. She will then get herself comfortable and will leave to go home with her new boy.

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