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Keri Spectrum Booty POV Shrink

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Keri Spectrum Booty POV Shrink
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, booty, cleavage, shrinking
Description :     a 10 minute clip with mostly ass tease and about 2 minutes of boobs and bellybutton tease. The pov starts with Keri shrinking us all the way down first. She challenges us to climb up the back of her leg whike she starts shaking her ass. The camera climbs up the back of her leg but initially gets stuck under her jiggling ass cheek for a few seconds before the camera fights to get between her cheeks. KerI then shakes and jiggles us aggresively between her cheeks first then she takes a brief walk letting the camera get jiggled and bounced back and fourth between her cheeks. After the brief walk she pulls the camera out of her ass crack and smothers the camera for about 2 minutes with her boobs and bellybutton and does a few tease belly rolls on the camera. After her boobs and belly tease, she let's the camera slide down her back and catches it between her ass cheeks again. Then she lays on her stomach. Let the camera roll throughout her laying down so I can get the natural camera reaction to how it reacts to her ass please. She then takes the camera out and puts it at her feet and brief petal kicks the camera for a few seconds and also arches her toes and briefly kicks it. After that we climb up the back of each of Keri's legs as she twerks each cheek on the camera and then shakes her ass aggressively again and then picks up the camera and drops it on her ass as the camera bounces around and falls between her cheeks. The camera then agressively bounces off keris ass cheeks like we're super excited to worship her beautiful ass. Keri then picks the camera up and kisses it telling us she likes the idea of us being her tiny ass slave for life then puts us back in her cheeks and slowly squeezes the camera to black between her cheeks. Please both be agressive with the camera and smother it as much as you can just like my previous pov with Carmen

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