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360 VR - Eating The Thing That Annoyed Her POV

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360 VR - Eating The Thing That Annoyed Her POV
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: vore, eaten, 360 VR, barefoot, barefeet, foot, feet,soles,
Description :     Acorn is a new member of our Canadian Giantess team, but she is absolutely fantastic right from the start! In this video she discovers you down by her feet on a bench in the backyard. Shortly after that she notices something else too. Quickly Acorn realizes that your high pitched shrunken voice is the most annoying sound she's ever heard! She begs you to stop talking but in your eagerness to hopefully get some help, you keep forgetting to be quiet! She threatens to step on you but it quickly escalates to Acorn wanting to eat you piece by piece to make you suffer! In the end you're shoved into her mouth!

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