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Harley Quinn Giantess VR 360 4K

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Harley Quinn Giantess VR 360 4K
Running Time:
13 Min

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Nadia white, booty crush, ass worhip, boob crush, vore, City Crush, SFX, VR 360, 4K
Description :     Custom Request: This another epic custom were Nadia plays HArley Quinn and Nick plays the Joker. I will admit I failed at the Joker costume but Nick and Nadia did an excellent performance and Nadia's Harley Quinn acting and costume is spot on. So the way it works is you switch between being batman POV, Joker POV and one of Jokers hench men pov in the shots were you see the Joker third person. The Joker is cheering Harley on and Harley destroys a bunch of buildings and then eats batman. You will get both 4K and 1080p versions so do not worry.

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