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Adams Crucifixtion 5 - Job Pressure

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Adams Crucifixtion 5 - Job Pressure
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: sfx, giantess, Terra Mizu , crush, feet, pov, shoes, blood, vore
Description :     Adam is interviewing for a job with Terra Mizu. While interviewing him she talks about how much pressure will come with the job, and how hard she is to satisfy. She wants to make sure he can handle the pressure of the job, but doesn’t really tell him much about what the job would actually be. Instead, she wants to test him out for a few days to see if he’ll be a good fit. He agrees. She immediately shrinks him and hovers over his tiny body in her open toe, high heels. Turns out the job is horrifying. She wants him to die for her feet over and over again. She not only has the power to shrink him, but to also bring him back from the dead. With each crush, she becomes more and more powerful. And she wants him to journal each crush and eventually vote for his favorite. (It would be awesome if her feet were dirty for these crushes).

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