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A Smashing Company Excursion SFX

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A Smashing Company Excursion SFX
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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, hand fetish, foot domination, Loryelle, unaware, butt crush, finger crush, panty entrapment,
Description :    

Mean giantess Loryelle experiments with shrunken people

I’m an employee at a research facility and we are working on a shrink formula. I think we’re close to a breakthrough, but I don’t know, that my colleagues, have already shrunken themselves by accident and managed somehow to climb in my handbag. They thought, I would help them, but I’m going to have my fun with them. I’m a mean giantess.

First I don’t notice them, so they run through my living room and try to get my attention. I crush some of them unaware with my platform sandals, until I find them. But I don’t stop there.

Unaware Giantess turns aware. I crush a few more, while dancing and some get squished selective. Then I sit down and bury a few of the little guys under my enormous ass. I decide to put my sandals off to squish two guys under my big toe. Then I change my sandals. I want to know, how unbreakable their shrunken bodies are. So I do some toe tapping within my sandal, with a tiny man under my stinky toe, who gets squished a bit more every time I tap with my smelly toes on the sandal. (Explicit and violent crush scene!) This makes me so hot, that I want to do it a second time with another tiny man.

Some more of my colleagues get squished under my sandals and their tiny collegues have to watch, unable to help.

Another guy gets grinded into dust between my sensitive finger tips. I take a bunch of my shrunken colleagues and put them on a chair for an appreciative butt crush. They become red stains on my butt.

Only one survives this and gets thrown into my panties to pleasure me. I bring myself off, when he gets squished in it.

That was indeed a smashing company excursion to my home and the most humiliating and cruel clip I did so far. I hope you enjoy!

This clip contains platform sandal crushes, flat sandal crushes, barefoot crushes, butt crushes, finger crush, panty entrapment.

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