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Roma's Hotel Massacre 3

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Roma's Hotel Massacre 3
Running Time:
29 minutes

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Tags: SFX, Cru.sh, Growth, Unaware, Evil, Gentle, POV, Butt Cru.sh, Eat, Heel Cru.sh, Barefoot Cru.sh, Slow Cru.sh, Stomp, Gentle Giantess, Giantess, High Heels, Mean Giantess, Unaware Giantess,
Description :     Giantess, Giantess Special Effects A hotel that provides tiny "toys" to it's patrons draws Roma for a stay. She checks in and is given sevral "tinys" of various shapes and sizes to do with them what she pleases. The problem is: They're all hiding in the room, afraid of what this Giantess will use them for. As Roma's patience dwindles, she unleashes her temper and hunts these tiny cowards down...one...by....one....

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