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Attack of the 70ft Woman - Pre Order UPDATE

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Attack of the 70ft Woman - Pre Order UPDATE
Running Time:
9min (40Min for final)

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Tags: Giantess, Retro, feet, crush, hand held, vore, car crush, Lydia Vengence, Liz River
Description :     UPDATE, NEW CLIP ADDED

Description of Final Video 35-40min
Nancy husband Gary confronts him and his girlfriend. Eventually, Gary and Nancy are driving and they see a spaceship and Gary is too afraid to approach it that Nancy does and grows and as a mini giantess confronts Lydia and scares her and she grows to about 10ft tall and confronts Lydia. Later Lydia goes to the ship finds some shrunken people and realizes she can use the power to get giant or shrink people. She kidnaps the tiny people but meanwhile, Nancy become a giant and finds Gary and Lydia but Lydia survives but in the meantime, Nancy is crushing lots of people destroying cars and people, After Nancy is captured by the army Lydia grows and has her fun.

This is a pre-order but you will get the B/W 8min scene were Lydia grows and attacks the city. When we reach our goal the full 35-40min video will be released in both B/W and color versions. Your download page will simply be updated with the final videos

After 22 yrs of shooting out of pocket and making it back on sales piracy finally won so a few years ago and I changed to just doing paid customs but we have a few projects like this one that was shot on the old business model of me shooting out of pocket and editors working on commission. This Business model no longer works due mostly due to piracy but I am not here to complain. It is what it is but we do have to adapt and going forward for big projects that I shoot out of pocket and involve commission editors I will release it this way. hope you can support this

To See more pics from the final movie go to my public facebook gallery I made
Photo Gallery of final Movie

The Total sold as of 5/6/18 = 119 The Goal is 150 before we release it (Show your support) Look in your download page for Preview Clip #2


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